Jyllands Park Zoo er lukket pga. Corona restriktioner
Vi beklager vi må vente med at byde jer velkommen. Vi glæder os til at se jer igen, så snart vi får lov af regeringen.
Pas godt på jer selv og hinanden.

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The pacifier tree

Many children have the pacifier as their best friend and it helps to comfort and provide security during the first years of your child's life. At 3 years old, however, it's time to say goodbye.

Many families make a small seance out of the "pacifier stop" and hang the pacifiers at the pacifier tree. Of course, you can do this at Jyllands Park Zoo.

Choose the time carefully. When you have chosen the time, you decide that it is what you do. Make your own storytelling and get a good memory with you.

When you arrive at Jylland's Park Zoo, tell the staff that you will hang the pacifiers by the pacifier tree. Return to the staff after they are hung up and your child will receive a diploma.

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Open Hours 2020

  • 05.04.20 - 05.07.2010 am - 5 pm
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  • 03.08.20 - 23.08.2010 am - 5 pm
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The zoo opens

5. April 2020

Entrance fees 2020

  • Adults175,- kr.
  • Child, 2 - 11 years95,- kr.
  • Child, 0 - 1 yearsfree
  • Senior +65 years155,- kr.
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