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Prairie dogs

When is a dog not a dog? When it's a large ground squirrel found on the prairie! Prairie dogs are social rodents that live in huge, underground burrows, called towns. They make these towns in the prairies and plateaus of North America. Undisturbed towns have tens of thousands of prairie dog residents and go for miles in every direction. Each town consists of subgroups, or wards, and wards are, in turn, split into family groups called coteries. Each coterie defends a home territory of about 1 acre (0.4 hectare) from surrounding coteries. The typical coterie territory has 70 separate burrow entrances.

Prairie dogs have a communication system that warns other members of the town of danger. Different sounds identify various predators such as hawks, owls, eagles, ravens, coyotes, badgers, ferrets, and snakes.

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Open Hours 2024

The season is over.
We look forward to welcoming you again on Palm Sunday, April 10, 2022

  • 24.03.24-07.07.24kl. 10-17
  • 08.07.24-04.08.24kl. 10-18
  • 05.08.24-18.08.24kl. 10-17
  • 19.08.24-15.09.24kl. 10-16
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We are closed for this season.
We reopen on Palm Sunday, March 24, 2022

Open all days of the week
10:00 - 16:00.

Open all days
of the week
10:00 - 16:00.

Entrance fees 2023

  • Adults200,- kr.
  • Child, 2 - 11 years130,- kr.
  • Child, 0 - 1 yearsfree
  • Senior +65 years180,- kr.
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